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Hey there, beautiful! Let's go find your perfect outfit.

Welcome to the Floral & Fringe family! Around here we believe that your fashion can, and should, be an outward expression of your unique personality. You are beautiful, unique, and undeniably YOU! So our goal here at Floral & Fringe is to help you rediscover your confidence through the comfort, quality, and beauty of classy, timeless clothing! We strive to bring you a wide variety of clothing and high quality products so that everyone can find their new closet besties.

Meet Samantha, the owner and dreamer behind Floral & Fringe Boutique! I am a wife, mama of four littles, two fur babies, and a faithful servant of Christ. I am just your average gal, finally following her dreams of owning her own business & helping others!

It's no secret that today's society can, and will, rob women of the joy that comes with loving who we are, the way we are-the way God made us. My prayer, and my mission, is to help as many women as possible find that inner beauty and confidence again, let it shine, and go after those big dreams!

Can't find what you're looking for? We appreciate your honest feedback so we can continuously improve your shopping experience (and your closet!)

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